Working with Power Speaking Programs

Our speaking programs are engaging, entertaining, and transformational.

Whether a private in-company event, a client perk, or an event to which you’re attracting registrants, Working with Power offers full-spectrum support to make your event a success. Clients prize our skill at attracting participants, setting the right tone, delivering an amazing experience, and following up in ways that make the message truly stick.

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"The presenters and material will forever change the way you look at the world and assumptions you have about success and power."

- Beth Avery, Re/Max

Speaking Specialties

We customize each keynote or other talk to the audience.  With a strong track record spanning over a decade, we are a recognized authority on the following topics. By clicking on the topic, you can browse  a description of what we cover in this area and some possible titles for talks.

Succeeding without Side Effects

Leadership and Culture Change

Candid Communication Under Pressure

Thriving in an Intense Environment

Click on any of the above topics to read a more detailed description.

Signature Trainings

The trainings and experiences listed below address a range of client learning objectives. By clicking on these titles, you can browse descriptions, including learning objectives and customization options.

Click on any of the above training titles to read a more detailed description.

How We Support You

The people who bring us into their organization, team, or association take pride in the difference our events make for their participants. We help each of them do truly important work, and they themselves grow in the process.

As your partner in creating meaningful insight and change among the participants, we will help you have more ease and more impact every step of the way. We:

  • CONSULT on event themes and components such as venue, food and beverage, participant gifts, and fun activities for icebreakers, conference mornings and evenings, or breaks.
  • REFER additional speakers or performers for different needs for this and other events.
  • PROVIDE COMPELLING LANGUAGE AND GRAPHICS for invitations, registrant reminders and context-setting, and post-event surveys. We collaborate with you to tweak and finalize this text for your audience.
  • FACILITATE SET-UP, including room layout, audio-visual, and other on-site logistical provisions and coordinate with your other event staff to ensure impeccable execution.
  • BRAND the event with the precise feel and effect you want, by recommending thoughtful details that reinforce your key themes.

From the moment we’re on board for your event, we are your partner. Please never hesitate to ask anyone on our staff for support to make your job easier.

Select Client List

We have delivered speaking, training, and executive coaching for dozens of organizations including:

Western Wireless
Cascade Bank
The Boeing Company
Parker Services
Coldwell Banker Bain
Delicious Planet
Quality Controls Corp.
Women Business Owners
Women’s Business Exchange
eWomen Network

Gap, Inc.
Escrow Professionals of Washington
Windermere Real Estate
The Advertising Specialty Trade Show
Falkin and Associates
Carlile Transportation Systems
Harbor Club Women’s Business Forum
Columbia Tower Club Business Forum

About Our Speakers

We have a team of speakers in several locations in North America, Europe, and Australia. Primarily, however, our founders deliver the keynotes they are able to fit into their schedules. They frequently present as a pair, because audiences enjoy the energy, humor, and contrast they bring when they’re together.

You can read more about our founders’ backgrounds on this page. Or learn more about the rest of the team here.

About Our Presentations

When Working with Power provides a keynote, breakout session, training, or other event, the presentation always includes:

  • Engaging stories, remarkable statistics, and other attention-grabbing elements
  • Talented, dynamic presenters who’re also down-to-earth and easy to connect with
  • Tangible, real-world examples and situations
  • Immediately applicable tools
  • Structures that support follow-up and integration of the learning