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Michele has delivered speaking, training, and executive coaching for dozens of organizations including:

The Boeing Company
Gap, Inc.
Cascade Bank
Coldwell Banker Bain
Delicious Planet
Escrow Professionals of Washington
Windermere Real Estate
Carlile Transportation Systems
Profitable Ideas
Women Business Owners
Women’s Business Exchange
eWomen Network
Harbor Club Women’s Business Forum
Columbia Tower Club Business Forum
The Advertising Specialty Trade Show

Select Client Raves:

“I had no idea my management team could feel so cohesive.  Not only are they working as a team, but our employee problems get addressed immediately without stress.  Managers are happy and people we thought we would have to replace have turned around.  Our bottom line is reflecting it too.  Rework is down and sales are up.  I’m confident my team’s transformation was a result of working with you.”

- Kathy O’Brien
President, Escrow Professionals of Washington

I’ve been through literally a million dollars worth of training in my career. No one does what you two do. I have never seen real progress be made so efficiently in one day. You don’t step over anything. The things that need talked about get talked about, even if it’s tremendously uncomfortable.

After I saw what you did with me and my peers, I knew you were the right people to work with my team, and you did not disappoint. With your expertise, we exposed the elephant in the room that had been creating silos and costing us business.

- Vice President, Software Company that doesn't permit its executives
to make public raves about vendors

Your perspective on my team and my own leadership have been valuable. You help me see how I’m coming across and give me concrete ways to improve my leadership and my approach. When you observe our meetings, you bring me feedback on things I can’t otherwise see. I also appreciate the insights you give me on individual leaders on my leadership team.

- Vice President, Software Company that doesn't permit its executives
to make public raves about vendors