Power, Interrupted.

You’re a smart woman. You've done a lot already and you’ve got a huge heart and vision for the world. So how come you have such a hard time sustaining the energy, attitude, and belief in yourself to do what you know you’re capable of doing?

There's something strange going on. As we have learned to “have it all”: work, family, friends, and meaningful inner lives – women have gotten stretched pretty thin. But that’s not the real problem.

The real problem is in the way we use, renew, and apply our considerable power.

If we don't know how to work with our power, it's tough to keep it flowing.

Who ever taught you how to be as powerful as you’ve become?

You might have known the power of batting your eyelashes as a little girl, or the power – for good and bad – of being smart in school, or the power your body took on as you matured. And you’ve learned how to achieve and strive and go for it. But no one really knew how to help a woman hold and renew all the power we have now.

As a result, you may find that you:

  • Stop yourself every time you get close to having what you really want
  • Over rely on the approval of others or their partnership or advice
  • Go for what you think you can get or the best-paying option, not the one that’s a real fit for you
  • Cycle from enthusiasm and energy to pessimism and exhaustion, then back again after a rest
  • Hurt relationships in the process of pursuing your career, or limit your career for the sake of your relationships

If these challenges resonate with you, and you’re ready to attain a new degree of mastery over your power, we can help.

It's time to get a Power Makeover.

“A whaaa?” , you ask.  Maybe you’ve heard of the tv show and book “What Not to Wear” or had a decorator help you spiff up your home, using the stuff you already had, but arranging it so it looks really great?  Those are makeovers, where someone with a good eye helps you present what’s there (your face, your body, Grandma Doris’ elephant collection) in the best light possible.

A power makeover has some of the same effects:  everything looks better and feels more comfortable right away.  But whereas a decorator will rearrange your living room, a Power Makeover actually shows you that there’s an entire mansion behind your house that you haven’t been inhabiting…  And that’s your true home.  You own them both.

Once you get there – once you access your full range of personal power as a woman, everything gets a whole lot easier.  You have a much broader range of tools at your disposal, and they’re more natural to use.  You don’t lose your old strengths; you just access power you didn’t know you had.  And you stop thinking there’s something wrong with you.

Look into your future for a moment:

What would it feel like to have access to all of your power?  To feel 100% on your own side every day?


What would become possible if you had complete permission to do what you love to do and are great at – and you knew precisely what that was – and were completely present with other people in the way only YOU can be?


What if your goals and to-dos felt more like treats, games already won, prizes at the bottom of the Crackerjack box, than heavy commitments threatening to drag you down?


Can you imagine what it would feel like to really KNOW – even in your darkest moments – that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and that everything is going to be okay?


What if you could make overwhelm a thing of the past?


What if you could fall in love with being yourself… truly adore the way you are without trying, and live with your inner light shining – not because you forced it, but because it was simply radiant – and gently but undeniably warming everyone around you?


Here’s how:

You'll learn the language of the 12 Elements of Power.  From there, you'll identify the blind spots that keep you from getting what you want -- and leave you feeling dissatisfied even when you do.  This program is different in these ways:

  • It illuminates your stumbling blocks, right up front:  The 12 Elements manual gives you precise feedback on where your power is active, underactive, and distorted in all 12 areas.  This feedback will clean up your power on the spot.
  • It’s really really fun:  Play, fun, joy, and sensuality are as powerful as a prodigious intellect and a rock-solid work ethic.  Pleasure is a path to… well, everything else!
  • It’s deeply personal. Where you are, what you want, and how you’re using your power determines the trajectory.  Rather than a teaching program where you just learn a new system, you get a powerful system PLUS a master coach to listen to, challenge, encourage, and celebrate you.
  • It’s both masculine and feminine: Most programs for women celebrate the feminine, and that’s certainly the side of our power that’s gotten less airtime over the past 5000 years.  And many of the programs to help you be productive, prosperous, and effective have trained us to beef up our masculine power.  But here we embrace both sides of our power and help them work together beautifully.
  • It’s both grounded and spiritual: If the high-glamour “lifestyle” programs for women give you mixed feelings, you will appreciate the grounded, real-people quality of this work.  And if other programs have been either too linear or too woo-woo, you may like how the Elements of Power help you connect to your spirit in a way that’s a fit for you.

A few pointed questions for you:

  • Do you look outside yourself for your answers?
  • Are you exhausting yourself trying to do things the “right” way?
  • Does your business or career always feel like it's not quite where you want it?
  • Is your partnership or marriage (or the effort to find one) frustrating or not quite satisfying?
  • Do you long for a life with much more joy, peace, ease, and ecstasy?

Your life looks pretty great on the outside.  And you’ve accomplished a lot.

But more often than you usually admit, you feel frustrated, scared, tired, overwhelmed, and disappointed in yourself.

We need to restore the balance of power within ourselves and within the world. Your suffering isn’t serving anyone, and it's time to find the freedom you crave. If that resonates for you, fill out this form. We’ll set up a time to talk  about where you are, what you really want, and how this program might be helpful for you.


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