About the 12 Elements of Power

About Founder Michele Lisenbury Christensen

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The Company

Working with Power is an international consulting, training, and coaching firm dedicated to helping people and organizations leverage the 12 Elements of Power™. Our programs help clients ranging from Fortune 100 executive teams to start-up entrepreneurs get mindblowing results with surprising ease and less stress.

We elevate company cultures by transforming individual cultures: we teach individuals to work in a way that doesn’t deplete them but gets the results they most want.  Our work with thousands of leaders and their teams have taught us that using all 12 Elements of Power™ effectively is the key to creating better results at work AND more fulfilling lives.

The 12 Elements of Power

The 12 Elements of Power are the framework that explains how people work… or don’t.  It spells out the innate skills and capacities each person possesses.  The Elements are both descriptive and prescriptive – they offer explanation and guidance for a dazzling range of problems our clients face, from leadership challenges to relationship stress to chronic depletion, and more.  Elements are helpful on a tactical level. In a larger sense, they reveal the longstanding patterns that keep us re-creating the same situations.  And at their most profound level, each Element is an archetype for the themes that run through our lives and relationships.  Because they work on all these levels, the 12 Elements have rocked the worlds of thousands of people since 2005.  You can learn more about them here.

 Company Origins

Working with Power was founded in 2005 by Michele Lisenbury Christensen and Sara Harvey Yao.  Though the two remain close, in 2010 Sara founded the Yao Consulting Group to continue her powerful coaching, facilitation, and energy work with leaders and individuals.