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Working with Power means expanding your capacity
to do great work, without side effects.

It means building on your strengths
while illuminating your blind spots.

It's high-octane truth + timeless wisdom + cutting-edge brain science
rolled into one.

This approach can help you:

  • Turn "high potential" into high achievement, satisfaction, and higher-level roles
  • Come across to others the way you want to, whether that's more assertive, more approachable, with more executive presence, or all three
  • Improve relationships, processes, teamwork, and conflict resolution at work and at home
  • Make meaningful changes or pass through a big transition
  • Find more ease even as you improve results

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Welcome to Working with Power.

I'm excited for the time when you, too, really understand our tagline: It's easier!

Michele Lisenbury Christensen Founder